Genealogy and Gravestones in St Neot Church


There has been a church in St Neot for very many centuries. People have been baptised married and buried here for many centuries also. Although there are hundreds of graves certainly dating from when this church was built in the 1200's, none that old have existing markings that are visiable today. Parish registers were kept but the ones for St Neot are not held in the church now. Dates kept were for Baptisms (not births) marriages and Burials (not deaths).


In the St Neot Archive we hold two books, one listing Baptisms in the Church and the other listing Burials in the Churchyard. Both of these books are an "Index of entries between 1641 and 1837 in the Parish Registers". Below are images and the Introduction of both of the booklets. The Introduction is worth reading as it gives further information about finding your ancestors.










 The Cornwall Records Office keeps an "on-line" catalogue with direct access to the National Archive. To enter the Cornwall Records Office site use the link below:-


When on the site click on the link    and follow the menu instructions.


There are other organisations offering research facilities such as "Ancestry". The Mormon Church also have very comprehensive records of English BDM lists.


Valuable information can also be searched for on by following the menu instructions on the site. St Neot is on the site but most, not all of the stones are featured.


Remember when you are looking for ancestors names in excess of 100 years ago most people either couldn't read or write let alone spell "correctly", (hence Pub signs with pictures rather than words) no spelling rules exsisted and names changed. One of the windows in the church is the (now written) Callaway Window, perhaps depending on how long ago, it was called the Callawy, Callway, Callwaye. First names are also spelled differently, Joan / Jone, abreviations can be unexpected, Xtopher instead of Christopher.