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I visited this beautiful church on Friday, 28th April, as part of The Fron Male Voice Choir. It was a delightful environment for singing and I know the whole choir enjoyed that evening very much. Our concert there will always be linked with the fact that we went on, the following day, to win the 'Over 41 Voices Category'. It seemed the atmosphere of the Church just set us right for the next day. Lovely memories
I read through the fascinating Churchwarden accounts and came across 2 words I did not recognise & have been unable guess at ' Itm pd for carryinge the Armour at the NIOUSTER . ?? was this an event maybe? related to Easter? Item paid 2d to John Pomerye for carryinge his armour which he left with the Kerpeth for the Parishe ' KERPETH could this be a keeper of village armour?? Has anyone any idea what these words mean? I will find out for you. Chris It is probable that an interpretation mistake has been made, Niouster is probably "Muster" as every County was responsible for mustering or counting armed men available for the King's use. Kerper is probably the "keeper" of the armour. Chris
This sounds like one of our St Neot Pottery dishes. Red Clay, quite heavy, four and a half inches across? Perhaps the lady could let us know. Sure we can find something for her.
Hello. Thirty years ago my husband and I were in your beautiful village. We stayed in a converted mill and we visited the church. We loved every inch of this gorgeous place. We bought a memento - a chunky ceramic saucer with a cross on it and St Neot printed on it too. Tonight I broke it and am heartbroken. Odd request I know, but is there any way I can replace it? Or can I buy something like it. We live in Croydon North, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia and I know this is probably an impossible ask. My husband went on to become a vicar and this little dish held pride of place on his desk.Thanks for reading this message and I wish you every blessing,Robyn Gunther Robyn, I will try to track down one for you but I need some further information. When you reply to this comment please provide me with your email address, this won't appear on the website, I moderate comments before publishing them. I also need some indication where the ceramic saucer was bought and if possible a photo of it. Chris Web Ed
My brother and myself paid a visit to your.lovely church some years ago, after I. with help, did the Mutton family tree, and to my delight discovered our ancestors were Cornish. much to our delight we also found out that the family donated a window to the church. I am pretty sure it's of the (4 evangelists) we are hoping to visit again in the not to distant future this is just a little bit of the Mutton roots of which we are very proud and to cap it all I married a man who was born and brought up in Truro until he was 4yrs old. Glad you enjoyed your previous visit, we hope that your next is soon and as enjoyable. We have "family" information in the St Neot Archive. Have a look at the Mutton Window on the Church website.
During the war, I was evacuated to St. Neot at the age of 6 years. My brother Gordon was with me. He was 4 years older than me. We lived with the Lobb family and were well looked after. I remember Alec Lobb and his sister Moira ? We went to St, Neot school .Everyone was kind to us both. Thank you all. My love and best wishes for a happy Christmas. John Langman. Bristol. Thanks very much for your email John. Please have a look at the St Neot Archive website and see if you can identify any of your friends in the photos on the Evacuee page. Alec is still living here in the village. Ed
Visited the St Neot Church website and I am now planning a visit from Sydney Australia. I've been researching my Pomroy family history for over 20 years now and have got as far back to Richard Pomery who died 1591. He had a son George b1564 who had a daughter Tamsyn b1602. For some reason her husband William Dyer decided to baptise their son Walter b1639 with the Pomery surname instead of the Dyer surname, and we have been Pomroys ever since. Can't wait to visit and try and find out more. Thank you & best regards. Let us know when you are coming and we can do some more research and arrange to show you around the archive and churchyard if you would like. Ed
Thank you for your reply. I wonder if it is possible for the photograph to be added to your website. I will add the photo to the website under the Church Interior page Ed
Thank you so much ...a place I call home that I can visit on line from Australia. I loved being in your church when I lived in Cornwall. the whole site is professionally presented. Must send some visitors there. I wonder if I might ask a large favour. At one point on the lower wall there is a plaque regarding Richard Carey Dangar and a behest to the church for all time. I would absolutely love a copy of that if it was possible. I would easily swap it for a free stay in Australia I will gladly send a copy but to where?
For any enquiries for bookings, weddings, concerts, baptisms, funerals, group visits, etc, please book all dates for The Diary, e-mail contact may also be made on Many thanks Penny Greenwood Hon. Secretary to the PCC
I attended the morning prayer service yesterday, Sunday, 7th, June, with my wife, daughter and her boyfriend having travelled down from Essex the day before. My daughter, Emma and her boyfriend are hoping to have their wedding blessed at your wonderful church after getting married at 'Trevenna' sometime in the Autumn of 2016. It was a lovely service and a joy to be part of your worship. I am Falmouth born and raised and it was pleasing to receive the friendly Cornish welcome that the county has a reputation for. It was lovely to be able to share a tea with you all after the service and to have a chat. We took the time to walk around St Neot and it is clear that there is a lovely community feeling in your village. Please pass on our sincere thanks to everybody that we met and spoke to. Hope to see you all again sometime very soon.
One of the best church sites I have seen, will be visiting in April 2015 c g rogers s wales
Excellent information. I hope to visit VERY soon!!
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