St Neot Church Kneelers


The above pictured Kneelers were produced between 1981 and 1986 by parishioners and people associated with our Church. Many of the people had no previous experience of tapestry work. Two of the "stitching team" were men.



The design was intentionally kept simple so that it didn't detract from the beauty of the medieval painted and stained glass windows. The three colours used for the kneelers were the dominant colours in the windows (see compound photo above). Red and green being Liturgical colours and blue representing the Madonna.




The kneelers in the Chapel of All Souls reflect the three colours used plus the rich purple and gold of the Noah window. Green for the background accords with the Creation. A pair of kneelers in the Chancel was made for use at Confirmations, with the design of the ascending Dove representing the Holy Spirit. The initials on the kneelers here, (see below) signify either the worker or donor, or in some cases the person in whose memory it was given.


The above text was based upon a description written by Mrs Joyce Weston.










The Altar-Rail Kneelers


The Altar-rail kneelers (pictured below) were given by Major & Mrs Keeble in memory of their son who had recently died. The Kneelers is made of five parts each 4 feet wide. The design, which is modern, runs across the whole. There is a candle, each slightly different, on each section which complements the candle on the Bishop's Chair, it represents the Light of the Spirit. The colours are brilliant to reflect the colours in the great East Window.

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These kneelers are in the Dangar Chapel.



The above kneelers were made by St Neot parishioners from a design adapted from the bottom panel of the Young Women's Window in our Church. The design has been altered to show the women praying towards the centre kneeler which is a golden cross. These were given by William Taylor in memory of his mother.